Our connectivity services

With Intercom Connectivity services it is possible to connect to the Internet in an easy and reliable way. Being Autnomous System (AS8224), our network is configured in a "multihomed" way, with many interconnection points. Data paths are computed in real-time, with advanced dynamic routing techniques, in order to deliver packets through the best way available.

Moreover, with the full QoS (Quality of Service) support, our services grants you the best performances possible, in order to transport with success even the most sensible protocol classes, like (for example) Voice over IP.

Our web services

Our web services are noticeable by it's high quality standard. We guide our customers starting from the domain registration (com, biz, net, org, it, etc.), step by step, through planning and making of the finished website.

The wide range of web services is accompained with out high performance web hosting, to give out customers optimal speed, efficiency and reachability over the Net. To achieve this target, our staff includes higly specialized peoples in web design, html-structures, php scripting and database connections. Every site produced by our staff is compliant with standards defined by the W3C (World Wide Web) consortium.